Living A Larger Life - Lee Seok Hoon
Learning Stories – Living A Larger Life

Lim Seok Hoon radiates a sense of content domesticity. Friends know her as Shirley. The 50-year-old mother of two sounded slightly breathless over the phone: “I just came back from NTUC… Just stepped in the door when you called.” She speaks slowly, circumspectly, pausing often to choose a word or wait for an offered prompt. […]

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Learning & Development for Life
Learning & Development for Life

Written by James Siew, Director of Consulting Solutions Learning & development is accorded to every employee, and it is the onus of the individual to drive his/her own development plan. After all, ‘you’ are in the driver’s seat of your own career, and this includes investing in your own learning & development. There are three compelling […]

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Tales of Inspirational Leadership
Tales of Inspirational Leadership

Written by James Siew, Director of Consulting Solutions Given the current fascination audiences have with movies such as Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Lucasfilm Ltd/Bad Robot Productions), I am reminded of an article I wrote in 2011, re-posted here for sharing. The notion of Inspirational Leadership is still valid today as it always was. The term “Inspirational […]

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Companies Trained
Certified Trainers


Regional Sales Excellence ManagerA Pharmaceutical Company
Training Vision is very customer-focused, always putting customer's needs first. Example, there was a project which we did and they came up with a beautiful agenda. However, in the course of the project, we have to constantly make a lot of changes and adjustments and they were able to adapt ...
Section Manager, TrainingBaxter Healthcare Pte Ltd
Training Vision has been a reliable business partner of Baxter for more than 8 years. Training Vision has conducted an extensive range of team related programmes which are relevant and applicable to our organization. They adopt a systematic approach of pre and post course evaluation to ensre participants' transfer of ...
General ManagerBanta Global Turnkey (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Training vision has been a good partner to our business. They will innvest time and resources with us prior to the training to understand our needs, translate them into meaningful and fun activities, to delivery the objectives. We also appreciate their flexibility to adjust to our whines and fancy, and ...
Executive, TrainingGreat Eastern Life Assurance
Training Vision is committed in their goals to provide professionalism in their work. Having worked with them on a few occasions, they were able to provide hands-on experience and insight to our teambuilding sessions. They have a team of professionals who are always there to be with the people.
Managing DirectorKone Pte Ltd
It was a great pleasure to have you and your partners in developing and delivering the Team Synergy Workshop and Teambuilding Programme. We found the programme to be very useful to us, and your service to be professional.We are particularly pleased and impressed with your commitment and zeal in developing, ...
Vice President, Human Resources & MarketingSingapore Press Holdings
A superb consultancy, small and yet strongly geared to service clients' needs with their utmost capability. Thank you also for the years of services to us and willingness to listen to our calls for change all the time.