Academic & Examination Board Members

Prof.Kirpal, a Colombo Plan scholar is an internationally respected poet, fictionist, and thinker. He has many books to his credit, including the highly provocative THINKING HATS & COLOUREDTURBANS: Creativity Across Cultures (2004)which contributed several original insights into the nature of Creativity, especially in terms of language. As the author of more than 150 articles and essays, Kirpal is an authority in several fields of literary endeavour as well as being, nowadays, an esteemed Futurist invited to share his visions of Future with audiences worldwide. Kirpal is the first non-American to be elected to the Board of Directors of the ACA-American Creativity Association where he has, since 2006, served as Vice-President and Chair of ACAint.

Prof. Kirpal Singh, Academic & Examination Chairman

Sheryl’s background in customer service and marketing research with an independent marketing research company and spearheading the marketing research department in a renowned hotel chain.She has also been involved in training the frontline staff in customer service, communications, teambuilding, supervisory skills etc. Her stint in training combined with her marketing background clearly positions her as an invaluable asset to understand user needs, design creative marketing solutions and set-up an ongoing customer relations management strategy and system.

Sheryl Tan, Examination Board Member

Dr. Jane Ives is an MSc. graduate of The London School of Economics, England and a PhD from the Faculty of Economics at the University of London, England. Jane Ives is the  Director and  Founder of the Grameen Bank and  Trust, Bangladesh  International Development, Global Business and Microfinance Undergraduate and  Graduate  MBA Student Internship Program at  The Thunderbird  Graduate  School of Global Management, Arizona.  

Dr. Jane Ives, Academic & Examination Board Member 

Founder and CEO of Training Vision Institute. A holder of the Masters of Education from the University of Sheffield (UK), David has been in practice for more than 20 years. He has extensive experience in designing, developing and delivering real time training and consulting solutions for multinationals and home-grown companies both locally and regionally. Prior to the training and development industry, David is a sales and marketing management practitioner having spent his earlier years of corporate life in Rank Xerox and American International Assurance. 

David Kwee, Academic Board Member 

John Seow has been a human capital practitioner and consultant for more than 20 years. When he was in the corporate sector, he contributed strategically to the Learning and Development, Talent Management and Organisation Development functions of various leading multinational corporations.He has facilitated at least more than three hundred programmes in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region. Currently, he oversees the trainer, assessor and developer function in Training Vision Institute.

John Seow, Examination Board Member 



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