Words From Our CEO

Dear fellow HR Practitioners,


Change is constant and often necessary for progress. In nature, the ecology evolves and its inhabitants contribute change. When we impose external interventions to nature, it effectively destroys rather than improves the ecosystem. Can we draw a parallel between nature and the business ecosystem?


In times past, we might have attempted every known programme and technique to help bring about organisational change to boost business performance. Despite huge amounts of financial investment and time, did these deliver the desired outcomes? Dr Michael Beer, a Harvard professor, highlights this in his book “A Critical Path to Organisational Renewal”, stating that programmatic-driven change in organisations often fails.


As a member of the Human Capital Development (HCD) and Organisation Development (OD) fraternity, I believe these groups should play a bigger role and have greater ownership charting the right course within an organisation. For this to happen, competencies must be enhanced alongside a more holistic, integrative view of organisational development. We must also heighten awareness of the HCD and OD professional, strengthening their connection and relevance to the business goals and strategies. HCD and OD communities must emerge to drive the goal for identifying and growing best practices.


The result will be transformation driven by a social ecological-style process, rather than by unilateral directive and policy making from top management and legislative bodies. I believe deeply that such a community-based approach is the best way to help Human Capital Development come of age!


Training Vision invites you to become a key participant and contributor on this journey of transformation and change.



Your partner in change,


David Kwee