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Browse our range of digital marketing courses which are designed and validated by the digital industry. We have courses to suit all needs and experience levels. All are delivered in bite-sized, innovative and interactive learning formats. Free Membership included for Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing & Campaign Strategy and Certified Digital Marketing Associate. 

Benefits of DMI 

DMI offers a one-stop membership platform for you. It gives you the tools you need to build and maintain your career. Throughout this program you can meet other members, share insights, and access the knowledge and resources. Many of DMI members keep in touch, sharing job and industry information and new developments in this ever-changing field. 

Professional Diploma
in Digital Marketing & Campaign Strategy

9 months • Professional Diploma • $14,389.36  $2,562.54 (Up to 90% SSG Subsidy)

Learn key digital marketing disciplines & digital marketing skills required for the modern workplace. Perfect for career switchers, business owners & all marketing professionals seeking to boost their skills.

Exclusive Content

An extensive library of articles, toolkits, expert interviews, videos and presentations to help keep your knowledge current.

Key Connections

A membership network of digital experts, thousands of alumni around the globe, and prospective opportunities to tap.

Valuable Insights

Practical advice and insights from experts for career moments such as interviews, performance reviews and key stakeholder meetings.

Explore our full range of short digital marketing courses


Certified Digital Marketing Associate

(Up to 90% SSG Subsidy)

3 months • Professional Certification

Learn basic digital marketing, customer experience management and search engine marketing which are required for the modern workplace.


Applied Data Analytics

(Up to 90% SSG Subsidy)

40 Hours • Professional Certification

Fast-track your Data and Analytics skills with this online short course. Learn Data Analytics, Reporting, Data Management, and Security best practices. Data is vital in measuring the success of your campaigns.


Social Media Marketing

(Up to 90% SSG Subsidy)

40 Hours • Professional Certification

Fast-track your social media marketing skills and get job-ready competencies. Evaluate potential and suitability of social media marketing opportunities, seek new ways of utilizing social media channels, and monitor outcome of social media marketing. 


SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace

(Up to 90% SSG Subsidy)

16 Hours • Professional Certification

To be future-ready is not just about technical skills; it involves being aware of current and emerging technology and data trends, and having the confidence to welcome and anticipate changes.

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