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Founded in 1991, Training Vision Institute (TVI) is one of Singapore's leading adult education and consultancy that focuses on maximising every individual's full potential through applied knowledge, best industry practises and innovative mindsets. 

With our wide range of courses and partnerships with international institutions, Training Vision Institute can help your learning centre grow and succeed in the fast-paced arena of higher education. 

Through our variety of courses, learners can enjoy better job placements, stronger career portfolios and even build pathways to an International Degree Certification. 

We can also help you design top tier programmes, assist with back-end support and connect you with our international and corporate partners.


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Training Vision Institute collaborates with various academic institutions and education agents globally. 

We do our best to reach to international students who are interested in experiencing the TVI way of learning. 

As an education partner, You will be the crucial bridge between TVI and its students.

Our Partners

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SME Marketing Solutions

SME Marketing Solutions provides Singaporean companies with the ability to build their capabilities and expand to international market through digital solutions.


Empower your business with impressive Marketing Tools, Cybersecurity Data Protection, Cashless Payment & Sales Strategies, using SME Marketing’s of leading technologies.