Centre for Educational Leadership (CEL)

CEL partners with various scholars worldwide to research and organise regular dialogue sessions to build on different perspectives for the purpose of continuous learning. 


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The Centre for Educational Leadership is established to accomplish a number of related but distinct goals:


  1. To learn of the latest developments/movements in the Education landscape, both within Singapore as well as in other countries

  2. To invite leading lights in the arena to come and share their views and insights with us

  3. To convene regular Talks/Seminars/Conversations so as to kindle and spark serious discussions on the nature, aims and execution of Education

  4. To organise and host an annual Conference bringing Educators and other interested parties together for open and frank exchanges concerning different aspects of Education and Educational Leadership, and

  5. To plan and organise Edu-tours- travel groups to varied destinations with a view to better understand the way/s in which Educational Leadership functions in different nations.

October  2020

In the latest installment of Training Vision Institute's Brown Bag Series, our very own CEO, David Kwee, talked about the future of leadership during these challenging times

Watch the discussion unfold by clicking the link below.

future of leadership.png

September 2020

Training Vision Institute’s Centre for Educational Leadership is proud and happy to present the Brown Bag Series, Media Thieves  & Userpers with Kannan Chandran, creator of storm-asia.com.

Watch his discussion on media with our very own Dr. Kirpal Singh, Chairman of the  Academic Board.

brown bag.png

28 August 2019

Training Vision Institute’s Centre for Educational Leadership is proud and happy to present the inimitable James Suresh—who gave us Mr Kiasu. James is an Author; Director/Principal Trainer of Training Plus Int’l Pte Ltd.

From Mr Kiasu to On A Street In Singapore, Suresh has tantalised us even as he has made us more aware of just how unique we are as a people. Come and hear this extraordinary Singaporean as he shares his personal journey in writing/authoring/creating best-selling illustrated books that we have all come to love.

Suresh will also tell us about his latest publication—Kopi Thiam

16 July 2019

Training Vision Institute’s Centre for Educational Leadership was proud and honoured to invite the very distinguished John Bittleston to our JEM campus for our Tuesday Conversations on the 16 July 2019.

John is a British businessman, author, columnist and a Singapore Permanent Resident, John’s career spans Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations and International Management. His remarkable personality and fame has created the Terrific Mentors International platform with its unique Daily Paradox. Over the last nearly thirty years, Terrific Mentors International has helped more than 20,000 clients such as governments, corporations, educational institutions and others do deep-dives and redirect energies and resources (including human talent) all over the world.

“Enabling others to discover their purpose has been one of the most fulfilling things that I've done and has become my purpose in life.” John said as he shared about the importance of having a purpose in our golden years at the session.

4 June 2019

Earlier this month on 4 June 2019, Training Vision Institute’s Centre for Educational Leadership was honoured to invite the very well-known and highly regarded author John Greenwood to our JEM campus.

John is the author of the Singapore Saga series – historical novels that spans 100 years of Singapore history.

At the session, John shared his passion for Singapore’s history and gave readings from his 2 books (Vol 1-FORBIDDEN HILL, Vol 2-CHASING THE DRAGON). His books are enjoyable to read and also extremely informative, knitting as he so elegantly does, facts with exciting narratives.