Mid-Career Ready

Mid-Career Ready

Keep your career in motion with Training Vision Institute’s Mid-Career Ready programme. In order to keep up with the ever-changing needs of modern workplaces, our “Mid-Career Ready” programme aims to help you acquire essential skills in order to become more efficient, productive and ever-ready in today’s digital world.


Find out how to use apps such as Canva, SnapSAFE, Padlet and MindMeister Mind Tools to help you move ahead in your workplace. Discover how to enhance your employability in just 8 days through this programme, which is conducted in both English and Chinese.

This F&B Digital Marketing Accelerator trains business owners to leverage digital technologies to perform breakthrough customer engagement and servicing and overcome challenges.

You can select one of the two packages available

Package One

2 employees can be nominated for all 3 modules. (Entitled for a total of 6 Training Places)

1. Basic Digital Marketing

2. Basic Social Media Marketing

3. Breakthrough thinking for F&B Growth

Training Track for Digital Marketing Accelerator

For marketing staff, customer service officer, service captain,

store managers and many more

Package Two

For C-Suites, business owners, marketing directors, communication directors

2 or 3 employees at leadership level can be nominated to choose from a suite of 3 modules (Entitled for a total of 4 Training Places)

1. Digital Leadership for F&B Companies

2. Marketing Campaign Management

3. Data Analytics for Digital Marketing

Strategic Track for Digital Marketing Accelerator

 "The Digital Leadership course is best suited for persons in strategic leadership roles. As a business owner, it helped me crystallize the mind-set on the importance of digitalization for my business. It’s not a technical course per se – but a course for invoking the strategic mind-set and landscape awareness of the digital age that we are in now."

Mr Leonard Kok, Kick F&B Pte Ltd

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