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Franchise / Partnership Opportunity

Franchise Business Opportunity

There are various types of business models that they have to adapt to and choose from. Choosing to buy a franchise may be the right option for business owners who wants to start a business even with little to no experience.

As a franchiser, we will guide you every step to create your own business as a franchisee. There are rules when becoming a franchise and you would need to follow the franchisor's rules and instructions to run the business and to be able to cope with the business world.

Singapore is a great for franchise brands as it is geographically situated in the center of South East Asia. 5 million people in Singapore enjoy having world-class service, infrastructure, and businesses.

The best feature of the franchise is having the ability to bring independent retailers using a single trademark and business concepts.


The risk of business failure is reduced when the business model is already proven to be successful in the marketplace. The usage of an established trademark saves the business owner the cost of advertising and branding.

How TVI Franchise Will Benefit Colleges and Universities

Training Vision Institute (TVI) is a leading adult education and consultancy organisation based in Singapore. Founded in 1991, our approach is based on maximizing every individual’s full potential through applied knowledge, best practices and innovative mind-sets.

We believe that our courses of educations and training would develop a wide range of skills in grooming our future entrepreneurs for them to be ready for the business world. Although these will greatly help future graduates and entrepreneurs, TVI Franchise can be a great asset for Colleges and Universities.

Universities and Colleges can leverage Training Vision Institute (TVI) Franchise and Singapore branding to get more students to enroll with their education programs. Our certificate for students will be valuable as future graduates will be eligible to acquire an International Degree Certificate.

Students will have better job placements and strong portfolios, Universities and College can benefit the programmes placed by Training Vision. Moreover, bring more students to further their studies as same standard in the Ivy League.


Roadshows / Events

Roadshows and Events that TVI organized and manage to ensure future students to be ready and have a high international standard . 


Classrooms were full of proactive students that are in our Training Programs in various different classes.

Higher Education

Training Vision is one of Singapore’s leading education and training institutes. We offer a wide range of higher education programmes, with a holistic and integrated approach towards learning. 

Why Choose TVI Franchise?

SkillsFuture Programme 

Higher Education

Prepare for Job Placement

Prepare for Ivy League Schools