Women In Digital Workplace: Interview With Evangeline

Work & Life In Social Media: How Social Media Can Help You Find Balance


Evangeline is a commune manager who aims to help young people find a community and purpose through lifelong learning. “We aim to build a platform for Generation X, a platform or a community to gather.”


Her dad was a motivational speaker who has been in the service industry and has inspired her to take this career path. Evangeline balances her busy work schedules with her passion for art and music. She uploads music videos on
various platforms.


“I like to do music. I use a lot of digital platforms such as Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook. I play the guitar and sing. It helps me reach more people and give myself confidence and feedback.”


The power of social media not only helped Evangeline balance her work and career. It also helped her boost her confidence.


“Digital transformation makes it easier to have a work-life balance. Digitally it allows you to have a virtual presence that enables you to be at two places at the same time. It saves you time, energy, and effort. It makes you more efficient.”

She plans on taking marketing courses as she thinks that it can help her develop her core skillsets and empower more people.

For Evangeline, “In terms of leadership, it tends to be a more male-dominated industry. Men tend to be more dominant and it takes more courage for women to step up.”


Evangeline thinks that the number one enemy that women face is themselves. “The sky is not the limit. But it’s ourselves. Sometimes when we come into the workforce, we have this perception in our mind, that we are kept and that there are only certain positions that women can take. If we believe we can achieve.”