Women In Digital Workplace: Interview With Frieda Lee

Breaking The Glass Ceiling: Women On The Rise In Digital Transformation


Freida Lee, Founder of 42Metrics, joined the digital media industry 20 years ago, when it was still a hush hush amongst marketing practitioners. “In this industry, I’ve been seeing a lot more females, learning coding, and they are very good coders, and they are more empowered than the males.”


More and more women are joining the digital revolution. Marketing, cyber security, and engineering are no longer exclusive to men. But what should women do if they face gender inequality in the workplace? Frieda points out, “The inequality would come from the glass ceiling or the lack of promotion, or the bosses or their own inability to see what the female has contributed in the company. My advise to give to younger women out there is to never be shy on their accomplishments. In every single point of time, when you did something good, always make a point to go to your boss’ doorsteps, and knock on their door and say, ‘hey did you know what happened today’?


Frieda points out how digital transformation has also helped women navigate the myth of work and life balance, “People always expect women to take care of their family and your businesses.”


“Technologies now play both properly in the both space… it helps us be in places that we can’t be in,” she said.