Women In Digital Workplace: Interview With Joyce Chang

Leading The Way: The Importance Of Learning And Development In Getting Ahead


Joyce Chang has spent more than eight years as a well-loved trainer and educator who focuses on digitalisation, leadership, and image consultancy. Her career is an interesting one as she dabbled in a lot of industries in the past such from being a flight attendant in Singapore Airlines to become a digital media specialist. 


“When I started in SIA, I didn’t know that I will be an educator. I decided to pick up more skillsets and discovered various courses. I discovered ACTA, and embarked on it.”


Joyce knows that developing your skill and seeking new ways to improve can lead to having a fruitful career. “My personal KPI every year is to ensure that I have one skill to master,” she said. 


As she educates women on the importance of digitalisation, Joyce puts an emphasis on helping women realise why digitalisation and self-development are important. “I always encourage learners to keep on trying in learning new things. While I’m training I share with them how to upgrade and be confident in learning the tools. A lot of learners especially women, refuse to embark and learn a new tool. They feel that these are not relevant to them.”


According to a study led by Michael Page, Singapore only has 24% of senior executive job openings filled by females in 2020. The comparison in numbers for women and men in leadership is quite jarring. It does not solve the problem, but self-development is a way to take charge and face the challenges that may come their way.

“The digital transformation in earnest. There is no end, no full stop. It’s always about upgrading yourself, learning new things, thinking on your feet to overcome difficult situations.”