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Complimentary Learning Activities


Eager to pick up a new skill, go on fun, educational trips and make new friends?


Join LiFE (Learning, Interacting  &  Fostering  Excellence), a community initiative that organises a variety of events for Training Vision learners, absolutely free! Workshops such as learning how to use smart devices and applications, talks on healthcare, playing team games like Jenga, are just some past activities our members have enjoyed! LiFE offers plenty of opportunities to learn, have fun, and share experiences with new friends.


Interested? Contact us for more information at +65 9825 4761 or visit our Facebook page TrainingVisionisLIFE




加入 LiFE(学习,互动及促进卓越的人生),一个社区倡议,为培训视觉学习者组织各种活动,完全免费! 诸如学习如何使用智能设备,谈论卫生保健,团队游戏(如Jenga)等主题的研讨会。LiFE 提供很多学习机会,娱乐与新朋友分享经验。