How much does a digital marketing professional earn?

Digital marketing is a fun and exciting yet challenging career. It’s also on demand. Because of the effects of Covid-19, businesses and organisations realise that when all else fails, we have digital marketing as a way to reach and engage customers and continue even though we are in constraints of our homes.

Digital marketing jobs in Singapore

People in Singapore spend more than 12 hours on gadgets daily. Traditional marketers are now realising that in order for a brand to stay on top, they must dominate the digital platform. Hence, the call for digital marketers from all walks of life.

There are tons of digital marketing roles available today. Here are some of them and the expected annual salary range:

Digital Marketing Executive/Assistant ($30,000 - $48,000) – Usually the junior level in any marketing team, executives report to the team lead for any project that they are dealing with. Their job scope includes understanding marketing projects, liaising with various departments, and ensuring that campaigns are running on the ground.

Digital Marketing Manager ($45,000 - $110,000) – Developing strategies and managing the team is part of the job description of a digital marketing manager. They need to ensure that the brand is growing its influence and increasing brand loyalty and awareness.

Digital Marketing Director ($84,000 - $250,000)– This position is suitable for those who have vast knowledge and experience in both traditional and digital marketing. He or she will oversee teams and campaigns and have the capability to build a strong presence for the future

Specialised digital marketing roles in Singapore

Social media ($53,400 - $85,000) – A social media manager wears a lot of hats. He or she can write, plan, design, and analyse. The main role of a social media manager is to manage campaigns on various social media platforms.

Search Engine Optimization Specialist ($30,000 - $38,000) – An SEO manager is someone who optimizes websites and help brands improve their SEO ranking.

Paid Media Specialist ($42,000 - $72,000) - Responsible for the day-to-day management of paid digital marketing campaigns which can include paid search, display and social advertising strategies across both B2B and B2C business.

Conversion Rate Optimization Manager ($52,000 - $90,000) – The role of a CRO Manager is to make conversions possible for their clients.

Because of the high demand in digital marketing, hiring managers expect applicants to provide a professional certification once they apply. A diploma in digital marketing will show hiring managers that you have the right skillsets to do the job and you have the thirst for self and professional development.

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