The 26th of February 2019 saw the official launch of Training Vision Institute’s (TVI) Centre for Educational Leadership (CEL), where TVI had the pleasure of having Sir Christian Sweeting, President of the TopHat Group, give a speech on ‘The Role of Private Education’.

To kick-off the event, Mr David Kwee, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of TVI, gave a prologue in which he shared his views. He spoke of his belief that private education is important as it provides everyone, regardless of background, an opportunity to decide on their own terms how far they want to progress in their careers and in life. He mentioned that everyone should be able to continue to upgrade themselves in a manner that is relevant and impact-centric.

He also mentioned that the new symbiosis of educational institutions and businesses mean that there must be collaboration between these two sectors to ensure that the right ethics, values, skillsets and capabilities are imbedded into the people who will be joining the 21st century workforce. Such cooperation between private education schools and businesses ensures that the new workforce will not be one that merely strives for maximisation of profit, but one that is involved in catalysing the new creation of value. In other words, no longer can a private education institute merely focus on commercial intent, they have to focus on value creation.

Mr David Kwee then handed the time to Sir Christian Sweeting, who believes that education is central to the cultivation of leaders, in which good education helps to cultivate traits that he believes are essential for good leadership. To illustrate his point, he used the familiar tale of the Pied Piper. He defined the “rats” of today’s world to be threats to organisations, and hence defined a good leader to have the following traits to overcome such challenges: discernment, good judgement, wisdom, and responsibility- traits that can be moulded through professional development through programmes and courses, hence linking the role of education in developing effective leaders in today’s world.

CEL partners with various scholars worldwide to research and organise regular dialogue sessions to build on different perspectives for the purpose of continuous learning. Stay updated and look out for more of our events via our social media pages on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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