Training Vision Institute Third Open House Features The Power of Social Media

Updated: Apr 8

On March 13th, 2021, Training Vision Institute welcomed aspiring digital marketers and professionals from various industries to attend our seminar, Become A Social Media Champion. The City Commune campus was packed with attendees eager to find out how social media marketing and digitalization can change the way they do their business and create better opportunities for them.

Attendees wait for the programme to start at the recent Become A Social Media Champion seminar

Digital marketing professional and Training Vision Institute trainer, Malcolm Chen, shared how our attendees can get cheaper leads, become superstar creator, and showed tips and tricks in getting engagement without spending time and money.

What is social media marketing?

Social Media Marketing was the buzzword of the day. Though it’s a very broad term, Malcolm spotlights how social media is about the “Power of We.” Creating content should include everyone in the community, not only the brand.

He emphasizes the importance of having UGC or “User Generated Content” in creating organic engagement amongst the audience and therefore building a wider reach for your brand. UGC can create “advocates” or people who will naturally promote your brand once they have experienced it.

Becoming A Superstar Creator

Malcolm explains that in order to become a superstar creator, you must take note of the formula:

A – Attention

I – Interest

D – Desire

A – Action

O – Onboarding

R – Retention

Once you have completed the formula, you have already implemented an effective campaign that can help your brand reach heights.

A graph that shows the formula in becoming a superstar creator

Selling An Avocado

At the final leg of the presentation, Malcolm told the attendees to brush up their content creator skills by selling avocados. There were no actual avocados at City Commune on that day, but Malcolm told the attendees to use the previous key points to effectively sell and imaginary avocado to an imaginary audience.

Attendees found Malcolm’s presentation engaging and relative to what they are looking for.

A chart that shows the feedback of our attendees at the recent Open House

Our host, Kelvin Wo, TVI’s Director For Higher Education, concluded the Open House with a Q&A and a short snippet of the next cohort for Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing & Campaign Strategy.

Attendees enjoyed free snacks and goodie bags!

Goodie bags were given during the event

The TVI family was also there to help attendees with their questions. Up to 24.4% of those who RSVP’d enrolled on our Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing and Campaign Strategy programme.

You can watch the whole broadcast of our event via our Youtube channel for those of you who missed our event.

Heads up! We have two upcoming Open House this April! You can start reserving your spot today!

The 10th of April 2021 - Appreciating the value of Intellectual Property. Full details will be announced soon, but you can register here.

We also have an upcoming intake for Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing & Campaign Strategy. Click the button to learn more!

See you again soon!

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