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What is the role of a Data Protection Officer?

Under the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), every organisation in Singapore is mandated to have a Data Protection Officer. Your company can easily assign this role to anyone. However, in order for your employee to become an effective data protection officer in Singapore, he or she must undergo a data protection course to fully understand the legislations of this law.

Roles of a data protection officer

  • Craft and develop policies and procedures on handling personal data

  • Ensure that everyone in the organisation has the role of protecting company data

  • Understand and implement the 9 obligations and the do-not-call registry of the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)

How can you help you help your DPO fulfill his responsibilities? Help your DPO fulfill his responsibilities by sending him to a training programme.

Training Vision Institute is offering  Personal Data Protection Act  Programme, a two-day course that aims to help your DPO understand the nine obligations of PDPA.

What to expect from the programme?

  • Learn how to improve your company's data protection policies

  • It's a two-day course created to make the PDPA easy to comprehend

  • Taught by industry experts

  • A certificate of completion will be awarded by Training Vision Institute

Help your DPO protect your data effectively! Talk to our Education Consultant by signing up today!

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