World Health Day: How Training Vision Staff Managed To Stay Fit During COVID-19

Every 7th of April commemorates World Health Day. For over 70 years, the celebration has highlighted awareness on various health issues from mental health, maternal and child care, and climate change.

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically impacted the world. Countries are being put on lockdown, while others have been enforcing the quarantine. In Singapore, due to the strict imposing of Circuit Breaker, companies have no other choice but to have their employees work remotely to avoid the risk of getting infected.

Training Vision Institute is one of the companies that followed the safe distancing measurement that the Singapore government has instructed. On the 7th of April, the TVI family packed their laptops and other office trinkets and started working from home. Amidst the pandemic's challenges, TVI also needed to face the challenge of delivering classes online. The TVI staff needed to adapt right away to new technologies such as ZOOM, the learning management system, TVI Online, and other platforms to ensure that the show must go on.

Of course, the stress brought by the pandemic and also to adapting to change can significantly affect the health of each employee. This is why Training Vision Institute's Human Capital has conducted various online workout sessions to help the staff maintain a healthy lifestyle and strengthen the whole company's bond.

Jen Liew, Senior Manager for Human Capital for TVI, shared what went on during the workout party.

Workout Parties

Human Capital began developing workout parties via Zoom to engage TVI staff. Every Thursday, the HC team would invite TVI staff to join workout parties. The session would start at 8:15 AM - 9:30 AM, resulting in an energized start every Thursday.

Workout party invite that were sent to TVI staff

Jen Liew shared, "TVI can still connect to all employees, customers, clients and partners by using Microsoft Teams or Zoom Meeting. Human Capital communicates with all staff through Microsoft 365 and SharePoint to make announcements and updates."

Human Capital also invited various coaches and trainers to become facilitators of these events.

Body Sculpt workout invite that were sent to TVI staff

Staff members shared that these workout sessions in the morning helped them become more energized and alert throughout the day. It kept them into tip-top shape, which was undoubtedly a feat during lockdown where everyone was mandated to stay home.

Staff members took a photo during one of the workout sessions

Creating a healthier work from home environment

According to Education Minister Lawrence Wong, up to 75% of staff can now return to the workplace. But some companies are still opting for a work from home scheme to ensure the safety of their staff members. Jen shared some insights on how to maintain the safety and health of employees.

1. Implement business continuity plans to minimize disruption to their operations and ensure that business remains viable during the virus outbreak. Enterprises can take the following steps to ensure adequate preparation for business continuity.

2. Consider flexible work arrangements for the high-risk employees and employees who need to stay at home due to other reasons relating to COVID-19.

3. Adhere to all travel and health advisories issued by MOH, MOM and other government agencies.

4. Refer to MOH and MOM websites ( & for the latest updates so that an informed decision can be made on whether to proceed with business travel plans. Obtain health and travel declarations from employees who have travelled abroad or who have any upcoming plans to travel overseas during the virus outbreak. These declarations must consider the travel and health advisories issued by MOH, MOM and other government agencies. Employees need to inform their employers when there are updates to their overseas travel plans.

5. Establish and implement a Safe Management Measures (SMM) system to provide a safe working environment and minimize risks of further outbreaks.

6. Educate employees on infection control and good personal hygiene.

Into the future

The Human Capital team has also shared future events that can maintain the well-being of each staff member. The events range from mental well-being workshops that focus on anger management, positive psychology, emotional intelligence and boosting mental immunity. And the staff couldn't be more grateful to these opportunities presented to them.

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