Be the Best Version of Yourself in Service Excellence

Who is this course for?

Anyone who wants to go the extra mile as a service professional to transform the customer experience and set the benchmark for excellence in today’s fast changing service environment.

What will I learn?

You’ll gain a full range of skills to deliver truly exceptional service, enabling you to step up to take on more challenging roles. This course will arm you with the know-how to implement the right operations to ensure serve efficiency, respond to challenges in a timely and appropriate manner, communicate effectively with customers and project a positive, professional service attitude at all times.

Why it appeals to employers?

This course will transform you into a ‘work-ready’ candidate armed with the core competencies employers are seeking.

Potential careers

Hospitality, F&B, Customer Service, Retail, Sales and Marketing

In the service sector, employers are constantly looking for 'work-ready' candidates to take on challenging yet fulfilling roles. Enhance your employability and expand your skill set with 'Service Transformer' - a WSQ certified programme offered by Training Vision Institute (TVI). Through the 'Service Transformer' programme, you will develop the core competencies required to provide a truly exceptional service and make a marked impact in your organisation.


Admission criteria

Course commencement

Enrolment is ongoing

Basic English proficiency (WPL3 and above)

Award of qualification

A Statement of Attainment will be awarded by the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ)

Method of assessment

Written Assessment

Programme structure - 8 Modules

Demonstrate the Service Vision  展示服务远景 (8 hours) 
Align your performance with your company’s core values to deliver service that upholds its brand values and service standards to engage your customers and earn their trust and loyalty


Implement Operations for Service Excellence 实现优质服务 (16 hours)

Recognising your role in operational excellence leads to smooth, efficient, seamless service standards. Find out what it takes to put in place systems and processes at your workplace that will improve the organisation’s operations, and keep customers happy.


Work in a Diverse Service Environment 在一个多样化的服务环境工作 (16 hours)

In today’s diverse workplace, you need to interact with colleagues and customers from different backgrounds, cultures and age groups. This course will show you how to tap on your emotional intelligence and social awareness to communicate clearly, effectively while leaving a positive impression that supports workplace diversity and inclusiveness, and enhances service delivery.


Provide Go-the-Extra-Mile Service 提供更进一步的服务 (16 hours)

Gain knowledge on how to help customers beyond the basics by anticipating their needs and be solutions-oriented. Apply your knowledge and skills to enhance customer service experience and bring it to another level.


Project a Positive and Professional Image 建立专业形象 (8 hours)

Make a winning impression and develop how to communicate effectively to improve customer relations.



Respond to Service Challenges 应对服务挑战 (16 hours)

Learn to anticipate potential difficulties and identify critical resources to resolve service challenges, no matter the situation.


Engage in Service Innovation Initiatives 服务创新举措 (16 hours)
In today’s competitive service industry, fresh, innovative ideas are vital in keeping a business sustainable. Learn to think out of the box, develop innovative service solutions and initiatives that make your organisation stand out and the industry take notice.



Contribute to Customer Service over Various Platforms 客户服务的各种平台 (8 hours)

Understand how best to connect and engage with your audience by using the right communication platforms and engagement guidelines to create a lasting impression.



Mode of delivery

Role Play 角色扮演
Learn to smile, greet, welcome customers and develop good service attitude.



Board Games ​棋盘游戏
Get creative with board games that help students understand the impact that their role and actions have on a company’s service vision.



Service in Action 以行动证明服务
Students demonstrate serving one another and give constructive feedback on how to improve the customer service experience.



Personal Grooming 个人形象
Take an active role in ‘Project Runway’ through good grooming and presenting a professional appearance.

积极参与‘Project Runway’,掌握打造专业形象的技巧


Experiential Learning 商场学习之旅
‘Shop’ for ideas and spot service innovations in malls.


Fees and subsidies

  1. Subsidy is subject to student’s eligibility, pending final notification from SkillsFuture Singapore

  2. Students receiving subsidy are responsible to fulfil attendance and examination requirements

  3. TVI reserves the right to bill the student the full course fee should student fail to be eligible for subsidy

  4. $10 non-refundable admin fee may be applicable

  5. All prices include 7% GST

  6. Eligible to use SkillsFuture credits to offset course fees





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