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The use of digital technology in the workplace has been on the rise, and it will continue to shape the kinds of jobs in your country's  economy. To be future-ready is not just about technical skills; it involves being aware of current and emerging technology and data trends, and having the confidence to welcome and anticipate changes.

This foundational course will kickstart your journey to digital literacy, and equip you with the right mindset and relevant knowledge to tackle the disruptions and tap into new possibilities that emerging technologies would bring to the workplace.

数码科技在工作场所中被广泛应用,而且它将会继续影响着各行各业。面向未知的未来,不仅仅是需要掌握科技技能; 我们还要学习了解当前的新兴科技和数据趋势,让我们有信心迎接变化, 拥抱变化, 适应变化。

本基础课程将开启您的数字素养之旅,并为您提供正确的思维方式和相关知识,这些知识可以帮助您应对由于数码科技所引导的颠覆性变化, 并且您可以更进一步了解新兴科技为工作场所带来的新可能性。

Who is this course for?

Anyone keen to develop their digital literacy skills and knowledge to navigate today’s digital world, in a friendly and supported setting.

任何渴望学习数字素养技能和知识, 并应用所学来为自己在当今数码世界中引导方向的学员。

Why it appeals to employers?

Employers value talents who are not just future-ready in terms of technical skills but are up to speed on current and emerging technology and data trends, and are adaptable and nimble to change in this digital economy.


Potential careers

All businesses, IT, technology and start-ups

Course commencement

Enrolment is ongoing

Course Duration

2 full days or

4 half days

(morning, afternoon or night)

Basic proficiency in English. Able to use a laptop or desktop computer.

Admission criteria

Award of qualification

Upon completion of each module, a Statement of Attainment (SOA) will be awarded by SSG.
完成课程后, 学员将会获得SSG授予的SOA。


For sessions held at Community Centres/Club, Training Vision Institute may disclose any information relating to the learner to People’s Association, the Community Centres/Club where the training is held and Employment & Employability Institute Pte Ltd, for the purpose of audits in relation to this course.

Devices such as tablets or laptops used during SFDW class are subject to availability depending on the room and facilities available.

Programme structure - 10 Modules
课程结构 – 10 个课程模块

•  Overview: Advantages and Disadvantages of various platforms like: Lazada, Shopee, Qoo10, Amazon and others.

•  How to Leverage on Shopify, Facebook Live, Facebook Ads and Carousell for retailers and businesses.

•  How to use Facebook and Instagram to build your brand and drive customers to your stores.

•  What products and service do well online and which platforms should you use to market them.

•  Cyber-security tips to avoid getting hacked and scammed via your online store.

•  How to use Facebook LIVE in order to generate sales without increasing your overheads or spending on advertising.

•  One Free traffic channel (these are very rare now) that most businesses are missing out on.

•  Other latest strategies that we have tested and have gotten results for our clients.

•  概述:各种平台的优缺点,例如:Lazada, Shopee, Qoo10, Amazon 等。

•  对于零售商和企业, 该如何利用 Shopify, Facebook Live, Facebook Ads和Carousell。

•  如何使用 Facebook 和 Instagram 建立品牌并吸引顾客到您的商店。

•  了解哪些产品和服务在网上表现良好,应该使用哪些平台进行营销。

•  使用网络安全的知识与技巧来避免您的线上商店遭遇黑客入侵和欺诈。

•  在不增加广告支出的情况下, 如何使用 Facebook LIVE (直播)来实现直播销售。

•  了解大多数企业都忽略的一个免费流量渠道。

•  学习最新的, 而且是我们的客户已经证明行之有效的战略。

What you’ll learn

  • How to adapt to a digitalised environment

  • Understanding what the future economy entails

  • Enhancing personal productivity with digital tools

  • Build awareness of cybersecurity measures

  • 如何适应数字化环境

  • 了解未来经济的需要

  • 使用数字工具提高个人生产力

  • 建立对网络安全措施的意识

Fees and subsidies

* Prices are inclusive of GST

** Subsidies are dependent on the criteria set by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG)

– A non-refundable administration fee of $10 applies

– All Singaporean aged 25 and above can use their $500 SkillsFuture Credit from the government to pay for a wide range of approved skills-related courses. Visit the SkillsFuture Credit website ( to choose from the courses available on the Training Exchange course directory


**补助取决于新加坡精深技能发展局 (SSG) 设定的标准
-  需支付 $10 的行政费,并不给于退还

-  所有年满 25 岁及以上的新加坡公民都可以使用政府提供的 $500 未来技能培训补助( SkillsFuture Credit) 来支付经批准的相关程。公众可到该计划的官方网站 查看课程详情。


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