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Modern workplace is ever changing. The nature of jobs are changing so quickly. To stay relevant and employable, you need to invest in staying ahead with the right skills. Smart Nation Digital Workplace is programme designed to equip you with knowledge of modern communication tools through hands-on learning. You will also develop emotional self-awareness, set career goals, and learn how to use effective communication techniques to interpret, clarify, analyse and respond.

Who is this course for?

Anyone who wants to upgrade their knowledge and soft skills to stay relevant and employable in today’s fast-changing, digitalised workplace. Learn about the different workplace apps that can help you get started on your digital journey.

What will I learn?

Learn how to use apps that can help

you remain relevant for

the 21st Century workplace.

Acquire knowledge on 

improving communication skills in the digital workplace

Why it appeals to employers?

Employers are looking for

professionals who know

how to utilise workplace 

apps and able to

cultivate a positive emotional climate at the workplace

Potential careers

Frontline service, administrative, operations

Course commencement

Enrolment is ongoing

Please contact our consultants for class start dates

Award of qualification

Upon completion of each module, a Statement of Attainment (SOA) will be awarded by SSG

Programme structure - 4 Modules

Module 1: Technology Application 应用科技

The earner will be able to become future ready and remain industry-relevant in new age job roles that are assisted by technology and digital transformation.

完成本单元后뻟学员将能够为将来做好准备뻟并在技术和数码转型的帮助下뻟在新时代的工作岗位中 与行业保持同步뺯

Module 2: Maintain Personal Presentation & Employability at Operations Level


On completion of the unit, the learner will be able to analyse their strengths and weaknesses and how they can improve on their grooming, employability and competencies skills.



Module 3: Apply Emotional Competence to Manage Self at the Workplace


On completion of the unit, the learner will be able to understand and apply self-awareness techniques and model Emotional Intelligence principles to facilitate understanding and management of self and others in a team and to cultivate a positive emotional climate at the workplace.


学员完成本单元后뼷将能够理解并运用自我意识뼷技巧和模型情绪智能原理뼷来促进团队中自我和他 人的理解和管理뼷并在工作场所营造积极的情绪氛围뼶


Module 4: Communicate and Relate Effectively  at the Workplace at Operations Level


On completion of this unit, the learner will be able to use effective communication techniques to interpret, clarify, analyse and respond to information received, and use effective negotiation skills to resolve conficts for a win-win outcome, taking into consideration social and cultural differences.


完成本单元后뼷学员将能够使用有效的沟通技能来解释뼷阐明뼷分析和回应收到的信息뼷并使用有效 的谈判技巧뼷同时考虑到社会和文化差异뼷来解决冲突뼷 实现双赢뼶

Learn how to use these apps when you enrol!

Fees and subsidies

* Prices are inclusive of GST

** Subsidies are dependent on the criteria set by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG)

– All Singaporean aged 25 and above can use their $500 SkillsFuture Credit from the government to pay for a wide range of approved skills-related courses. Visit the SkillsFuture Credit website ( to choose from the courses available on the Training Exchange course directory


*价格包含消费税 *

*补助取决于新加坡精深技能发展局 (SSG) 设定的标准 – 所有 25 岁及以上的新加坡人都可以使用政府所提供的 $500 技能创前程培训补助来支持各种经过 批准的技能相关课程. 您可以浏览技能创前程培训补助的网站 (, 从课程目录中挑选您想要报名的课程.


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