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Are you equipped with Workplace Literacy (WPL) Skills ?

Who is this course for?

Those who are not fluent in English or did not complete their GCE ‘N’ or ‘O’ level education, but who want to improve their workplace literacy in English to gain better job opportunities and further training

What will I learn?

This course is designed to equip learners with a range of portable skills and knowledge essential for work and self-sufficiency.The course consists of 4 areas of focus: English Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing Skills.

Why it appeals to employers?

Good communication skills and the ability to understand work-related vocabulary are important in any organisation and integral to workplace operational efficiency and success.

Potential careers

Administrative, frontline service, operations

WSQ Workplace Literacy Program (WPL) is designed to help gain access to jobs and training especially for those who did not finish their GCE ‘N’ or ‘O’ level education, or for whom English is not their fluent English.

Admission criteria

Course commencement


Learners will go through pre-class assessment that will allow the student to be placed in a level suitable for them.

Award of qualification

A Statement of Attainment (SOA) will be awarded by SSG for Workplace Literacy. Students can then upgrade to a Career Readiness Certificate (Alternate GCE ‘O’ Level)

Method of assessment

All tests are designed and managed by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG). Tests for Reading and Listening are computer adaptive and the tests for Speaking and Writing are computer-based.


There are eight language proficiency levels in the WPLN series starting from pre-beginning (Level 1) through to proficient use of the language (Level 8). A Statement of Attainment (SOA) will be issued to certify your current level of proficiency for each test you take.


During class, assessment will be based on projects and assignments. Students  are required to do formative assessment during class and end of class summative assessment. Assessment plans are pre-approved by the QAD of SSG before implementation. If a student’s attendance fails to meet the minimum requirements stipulated by SSG (75%), the learner is debarred from assessments.

Programme structure - 2 Modules

Learners can enter at Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced level. Each level covers different aspects, from reading and writing simple English words and phrases to conversing in basic English, to being able to conduct reading and writing tasks to meet work requirements

Module 1: WPL Comprehensive (90hours)

This module will boost your English literacy in reading, listening, speaking and writing skills, progressively through all levels, starting from basic to intermediate right up to the advanced level. 

Module 2: WPL Conversational (45 hours)
This module covers English Reading, Listening and Speaking skills in both personal and work environments. Learn to understand simple work or day-to-day conversations and verbal instructions, and gain the confidence to interact with colleagues or the public.

Course Outline

Beginner (Primary level English equivalent)

If you have little or no knowledge of English, this programme provides a strong foundation in English literacy for the workplace. Learn to read and write simple words or phrases, and basic communication in daily context. You will be able to handle routine entry-level jobs that only require basic oral or written communication in English and where all tasks are easily demonstrated.


Intermediate (Lower secondary level English equivalent)
Gain the ability to understand routine work-related conversations. You will be able to handle work that involves following oral and simple written instructions and interact with the public. You will also be able to perform reading and writing tasks involving logs, reports, and forms with reasonable accuracy to meet work needs.


Advanced (Upper secondary level English equivalent)
This programme helps you understand routine work-related conversations, clarify general meaning and communicate in both social and work settings. You will be able to handle work that involves following oral and simple written instructions and interact fluently with the public. You will also be able to perform reading and writing tasks involving logs, reports, and forms with reasonable accuracy to meet work needs.


Mode of delivery

The programme is designed in be interactive and participative, with an application-based approach. A wide variety of learning methods are used, such as lectures, pair work, role play, group activities, presentations, listening exercises, quizzes, and experiential learning. Students will also be trained to respond with greater spontaneity and depth in various workplace settings.


Teacher & Student Ratio: 1:24

Fees and subsidies

Course Fees (Remaining payable amount claimable under SkillsFuture Credit Scheme.)

WPL Assessment Fees (Remaining payable amount not claimable under SkillsFuture Credit Scheme.)

  1. Subsidy is subject to student’s eligibility, pending final notification from SkillsFuture Singapore

  2. Students receiving subsidy are responsible to fulfil attendance and examination requirements

  3. TVI reserves the right to bill the student the full course fee should student fail to be eligible for subsidy

  4. $10 non-refundable admin fee may be applicable

  5. All prices include 7% GST

  6. Eligible to use SkillsFuture credits to offset course fees