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Service Coach (Level 3) — WSQ Advanced Certificate in Service Excellence

The Level 3 programme aims to equip Service Coaches with the skills and competencies to nurture and supervise staff for service excellence. The competencies at this level are designed to help groom service coaches to be role models to new entrants. Competencies include coaching skills, as well as relationship management skills to build ability to establish customer relationships. Learners will also be introduced to skills in managing service operations and service performance.

Who is this course for?

Service coaches or trainers operating in various service industry sectors, delivering services for both internal and external customers. Service supervisors and team leaders, managers, VPs and directors – all can benefit from one of these specialist courses

Potential careers

Hospitality, F&B, Customer Service, Retail, Sales and Marketing

What will I learn?

Our Service Excellence course are designed with the organisation and individuals in mind. Pick up the skills and knowledge to engage customers, develop service innovation ideas to transform your company’s business, nurture and lead staff to be service-oriented in a diverse, challenging and ever-changing business environment. The courses are based on SSG’s Service Excellence Competency Framework and Workforce Skills Qualifications competencies criteria to help your organisation create and define your desired service experiences

Why it appeals to employers?

The foundation for building customer loyalty and extraordinary customer experience is a corporate culture and mode of operation centred on excellent service standards. These courses will show employers that you have the skills and knowledge to help them succeed

Admission criteria

Course commencement


Basic English proficiency (WPL4 and above)

Award of qualification

A Workforce Skills Qualification Certificate in Service Excellence will be awarded.

Method of assessment

Open book written and oral assessments

Roadmap to Service Excellence

Programme structure - 8 Modules (15 Credit Units)

Role Model the Service Vision 模范公司的服务远景 (16 hours | 2 Credit Units) 
Promote a customer-centric culture that models the organisation's guidelines to deliver performance in service.


Manage Operations for Service Excellence 管理卓越服务的操作 (16 hours | 2 Credit Units )
Identify resources to resolve performance issues and monitor feedback on service operations.


Coach for Service Performance 服务培训和指导 (16 hours | 2 Credit Units)

Recognise role of coach, prepare coaching plan and monitor for progress and improvements.


Manage a Diverse Service Environment 管理多样化的服务环境 (16 hours | 2 Credit Units)
Build team cohesion. Manage challenges and opportunities while embracing diversity.


Establish Relationship for Customers Confidence 建立良好客户关系以促进信心 (16 hours | 2 Credit Units)

Provide post-sales follow up and respond to service opportunities to establish customers rapport.



Manage Service Performance 管理服务表现 (16 hours | 2 Credit Units)
Monitor and assess gaps between service performance and service standards.


Acquire Industry Knowledge 掌握行业知识 (8 hours | 1 Credit Unit)
Gather information and analyse impact of internal and external trends relevant to your industry.



One elective from SV Ops Level 可从操作级选修一科 (16 hours | 2 Credit Units)

Mode of delivery

Lessons in classrooms

Fees and subsidies

  1. Subsidy is subject to student’s eligibility, pending final notification from SkillsFuture Singapore

  2. Students receiving subsidy are responsible to fulfil attendance and examination requirements

  3. TVI reserves the right to bill the student the full course fee should student fail to be eligible for subsidy

  4. $10 non-refundable admin fee may be applicable

  5. All prices include 7% GST

  6. Eligible to use SkillsFuture credits to offset course fees